Recruiting Strategy Analysis

Do you need help with recruiting but don’t have the budget for a full service recruiting solution? Would you be interested in finding the best people for your positions while saving 90% on recruiting fees?

Our Recruiting Strategy Analysis service is a unique solution that enables you to find your own people quickly and easily. Our specialists tailor a solution for your specific position(s) and help your team locate the talent you need.

Challenges we can help you overcome include: not finding the right kind of candidates, not finding enough candidates, job descriptions that don’t accurately represent your needs, not sure what recruiting tools are a good return on investment for your time and money, not sure how best to utilize the tools you have, you can find the candidates but you can’t attract them, etc.

Let us schedule a 15 minute call or meeting for a free evaluation. Click the “free evaluation” link to email us or call us at 858-521-9080.

Recruiting Strategy Analysis includes:

  • Needs Analysis between hiring managers and our subject matter experts
  • Requirements / Position Description Development
  • Situational Aspects Analysis
  • Selling Points and Challenges Evaluation
  • Sourcing / Recruiting Strategy
  • Email Campaign Templates
  • Boolean Strings
  • Strategy Coaching follow up calls
  • Analysis fee can be credited to a recruiting fee if full service recruiting is still desired