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DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer
Direct Hire
Compensation is DOE (target is ~130-150k+)
San Diego, CA 92123 (Kearny Mesa)

• Strong DevOps with deep knowledge of build automation workflows and patterns
• Deep knowledge of AWS including architecting, implementation, migration, etc. (EC2, S3, VPC)
• Experience configuring, integrating and maintaining CI/CD tools
• Infrastructure-as-Code tools such as Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, etc. and container/management tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, etc.
• Knowledge of IP networking (VPN, DNS, load balancing, IDS and firewalls)
• BSCS, BSIT, etc. and/or certifications desired

• Contribute to the design and operations of infrastructure that provides 5x 9s for the services used by all of our customers, sales agents, service partners and employees
• Design, develop, launch, scale, monitor and maintain advanced CI and CD pipelines that complete our Agile development paradigm, using AWS and other state of the art cloud platforms
• Architect and integrate on-prem hardware with CI and CD, as needed
• Integrate big-data platforms, databases and warehouses with data mining and visualization tools
• Collaborate closely with development teams that use a mix of different languages and frameworks
• Combine your technical ability, strategic thinking and detail-oriented execution in a fast-paced, dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
• Coordinate with support staff and software engineers to detect and promptly resolve production performance degradation and outages
• Optimize resource use and manage expenses related to production and development systems and services

• 200+ employees - across San Diego and Mountain View
• Completed Series D round of funding -81 m (valuation is 450 million)
• 60-70 folks in marketing finance, sales, etc.
• 140 people are sales agents complex call center management
• 12 people in engineering - the team will double this year (4 current headcount)

We’ve used big data from our popular health test (taken by over 1 million people) to fight for lower rates on life insurance for vegans, marathoners, triathletes, well controlled diabetics, yogis, crossfitters, and more. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through financial rewards to those who make their health a priority. We are looking to hire the best and the brightest talent to help drive our mission to improve the health of the world by celebrating the health conscious.

Is this Startup Going to Make It?
We think so. Our CEO sold his last company, Alibaba, to Google for over $120MM. He was a board member or advisor to over $1B worth of startup exits to companies like Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc. Past performance may not always guarantee future results, but we like our odds. We’ve grown from 23 people to over 200 people between our two locations (Mountain View and San Diego). This isn’t because we are spending some of the $140MM+ in financing we received like drunken sailors (in fact we are pretty frugal). This is because our revenues have been doubling almost every month since we started selling policies in January of 2016, and now we are one of the fastest growing online insurance companies and were recently named to Wealthfront's List of Top Companies to Launch a Career!

Join the Health Conscious Workplace of the Future
To make the world a healthier place, we started in our own backyard. We created a health-conscious environment that allows each of our employees to reach their own personal health goals. Below are a few of the employee-led programs that make working at our company truly unique.
1. Personalized Lunch Program - A healthy diet is never one-size-fits-all. That’s why everyone gets to order their own custom-built lunch every day. That way, whether you’re vegan, low-carb, dairy-free, or just craving salmon, you can customize the perfect lunch for your unique dietary needs.
2. Nutritionally Supportive Environment - Anyone who has tried to stay healthy knows it’s hard to stick to your particular nutritional goals throughout the day with soda, chips, and sugary treats all around you. So we provide our employees with quality food and snack options, like a limitless supply of organic nuts, fruits, and veggies instead.
3. Optional Midday Fitness Time - Instead of the usual ping pong table, we’ve dedicated space for our employees to enjoy yoga, spin bikes, exercise equipment and other wellness activities. Everyone gets 30 minutes each day to focus on their health – whether it’s time for a walk, using the exercise equipment, or daily meditation.
4. Casual Office Attire - Ever dream of coming to work in your casual fitness attire? Well, that's how we roll! Be comfortable and let your fitness fashion shine!
5. Like Minded Coworkers - At the end of the day we are a business minded insurance company and we use analytics to measure our success and drive our business. Coming to work and working hard however is much more fun when you are surrounded by like minded people who are motivated by the same personal goals as you. Our employees are making friends that will last a lifetime.
6. Motivate and Compete - Many of our employees are current or former athletes who are competitive and like to win. They motivate each other to do their personal best every day, and together we win as a team and as a company!
7. Excellent benefits - We pay 100% of our employees cost toward medical, dental and vision insurance. We even have a masseuse onsite and allow employees to schedule up to 2 massages each month!

• Medical (fully paid for employee)
• Unlimited PTO
• Stock Options (pre-IPO)
• Catered healthy lunches; yoga and spin classes
• 401k

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