Matt has come through with great talent and helped us fine tune our search for a number of key positions. He spends the time up front to learn the type of person we are looking for from all aspects which pays off in having the right candidates to choose from and a much shorter search process.
Mario Proietti - CEO, LocationSmart

I enjoyed working with Matt. He was very persistent and patient with my constantly changing travel schedule. He always worked around my schedule, came to me at convenient times, and always addressed any issues quickly and professionally. He utilized his extensive resources to find us some great candidates. All in all a great experience working with Matt.
Kyle Tracy - Program Manager, Emerson

I have been working with Matt Haver for close to two years and he has been an exceptional partner to work with! Matt took the time to understand my organization’s unique culture and needs and has been the most successful third party recruiter I have worked with. Matt’s responsiveness, care for the candidates he supports, professionalism, and candor set him apart from other recruiters. From a personal standpoint, I always look forward to my check-in calls with Matt and he is someone I genuinely enjoy working with.
Katie Guyer - HR Business Partner, ESRI

Matthew stands out among recruiters as a having both passion and integrity. He takes time to understand a client’s needs, and works as an extension of their organization’s recruitment function. He does what he says he will, when he says he will, and has sourced a disproportional fraction of the new hires made in our group. I’ll happily work with Matthew again, either when I’m seeking employees or when I’m looking for a position myself, and I don’t hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues.
James Dennett - Director of Software Engineering, TechnoCom

I worked with Matt to transition to my new role as VP of Corporate Marketing for CalAmp. Matt was extremely thorough and always communicated with me on time which eliminated any guess work. Matt is very personable and detailed oriented. Overall I enjoyed working with Matt and appreciated his process.
Stephan Brisard - Vice President Corporate Marketing, CalAmp

Matt helped us make several strategic hires to support our enterprise-wide O&M efforts. Matt worked with the candidates to develop a rapport that allowed us to focus on exactly the skills we need rather than having to wade through unrelated / unqualified candidates.
Julie Purcell - Program Manager, SAIC

Matt was excellent to work with while I was exploring more opportunities. Not only did he get me my new great position (which was my top choice), during the entire process he was updating me along the way. One of the hardest parts about the job hunt is not knowing when things will fall into place but I always felt like I had a pretty good idea with Matt. He never dragged anything along and was very responsive. Top-notch recruiter and a top-notch guy!
Jake Anderson - Analytics Engineer, NPA

Matt is an exceptional recruiter who is able to analyze clients’ requirements precisely, make recommendations, set expectations and identify the appropriate talent extremely quickly. He has become an invaluable and trusted recruiting partner over time and I often consult with him on market conditions; skill set availability and current market salaries. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable on recruiting best practice, Matt also has exceptional standards and is one of the most ethical recruiters I know. He offers genuine and largely impartial guidance to candidates on the best choice for their career. In essence if you are working with Matt you are in good hands.
Kimberly Owen - Principal, Mission Resourcing

We hired Matt to do a Sourcing Strategy & Boolean String training for our recruiting team. Matt was very easy to work with from the beginning. I was putting together a two day recruiting training for my team and had a packed schedule. I knew that Matt was an expert in this field and would be a better source of knowledge for my team than anything that I could provide. I asked Matt to do the training for us in an hour, which is a very condensed training than what he usually does for these topics. He was able to cover both topics in detail during this time frame. My team is a mix of newer recruiters (~6 to 3 months experience) to our senior recruiters (~ 5 years experience). Each Recruiter pulled value out of this training and learned something new. Matt is very organized, detailed and process-oriented in his sourcing strategy. He was able to provide some great tips to streamline our processes and to learn how to pull more valuable information out of our clients in order to better serve their recruiting needs. He not only executed a useful and successful training, but he also left us with some tools and examples that we could use going forward. I would highly recommend using Matt for any recruiting trainings in the future!
Nadia Giblin - Director of Recruiting, Suna Solutions

Matt has placed a number of excellent software engineers at our company. The candidates we need are difficult to find due to our special requirements, brisk competition for those in the candidate pool and because we are a high-tech engineering firm with a particular focus. Despite these significant challenges, Matt has done a superlative job throughout the placement process in every case. Rather than just throwing ballpark candidates at us, he truly understands the specific engineer we’re looking for, researches and interviews potential candidates carefully and also looks for the kind of person who would do well in our corporate environment. He then hand picks the very best candidates and presents them to us with much success. Not only is Matt extremely conscientious throughout the process, he is a personable and committed to doing his very best.
Yvette Dufresne Huskey - Human Resources Manager, TechnoCom

Matthew supported our needs at Cricket as one of the lead resources. Above all he listened to the needs of the organization and the unique requirements. His recruiting savvy was key to identifying potential talent for our team. Matt is a great asset to have on your team, high value, precise and timely. A strong, effective technical recruiter
Lee Sharp - Sr. Recruiter, Cricket Communications

Matthew helped me land THE opportunity of my career and get my foot in the door with an incredible company in my industry! He found me on LinkedIn and approached me with an opportunity, but the timing wasn’t right for me at that time. We stayed in touch, and when he did have another opportunity come up, he let me know right away and I was ready to make a move. I know I wouldn’t have landed the amazing job I have now if it weren’t for his help. He’s very professional, understanding, and personable. I highly recommend his services!
Laura Chapa - Solution Engineer, ESRI

Matt is by far the best recruiting trainer I have hired! His trainings are for all recruiters who need in depth training on sourcing candidates and utilizing the newest techniques and tools in market. His training goes over different tools and sourcing techniques for all roles, which is incredibly helpful as my staff all recruit on different roles from accounting, IT to executive search, across all industries. I had eight or so recruiters in the training and each one meticulously took notes and gained a lot from it. He even on the spot worked on a few of our live jobs to share how to apply the new techniques, which really drove the learning opportunity. I will absolutely hire Matt again, and I happily endorse his training. It’s is not only fair priced, it’s jam packed with value and take aways. Thank you Matt for delivering an amazing training!
Dena Ayala - CEO, Spencer Reed Consulting

I have had the opportunity in serving on numerous Boards, and Matt is one of the best Directors I have ever worked with. Not only is he thoroughly engaged, but he is also one of those few that take on the heavy lifting. His depth of knowledge on a particular topic is only dwarfed by his breadth of knowledge on multiple subjects. He was instrumental in rebranding our logo, our website, and our social media profile just to name a few. His professionalism, integrity, high standards and good-natured character make him an asset and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone.
Monty Bell - Head of Human Resources, CP Global

I’ve worked with Matt since 2014, in that time I have come to realize that Matt is the most talented technical recruiter I’ve worked with to date. His understanding of technology goes deeper than just keywords, he can evaluate the actual skill of an engineer or developer and uses objective criteria to measure if the candidate is qualified. I highly recommend working with Matt.
Jeremy Cole - President, Hire up Recruiting

Matt is extremely knowledgeable about his customers. Every thoughtful answer I received from Matt was almost recited verbatim when the question was addressed to my perspective employer’s personnel. He was also straight forward and upfront on expectations. Which was refreshing.
Thomas Warner - Solution Engineer, ESRI

I can not recommend Matthew as a recruiter enough. He was very professional, friendly, and prompt during the recruiting process and found a great position and company for me right away. He listened to my priorities and worked with me to find a great position.
Hunter May - Software Engineer, Silvergate Bank


Matthew is a great recruiter and really takes the time to make sure his clients are going to the company & positions they want to be apart of. I highly recommend anyone looking for a job to reach out to Matthew and see if he can be of assistance. Which I am sure he will be!

Ardeshir Beheshti - Geospatial Developer, EDF Renewable Energy


I had all but given up on finding work which engaged the unique aspects of my background and experience when Matt contacted me about a position that seemed to have been tailored for me. Matt was able to articulate the prospective position clearly and to convey my ability to fulfill its mission. It had been almost 10 years since I had been through the interview and hiring process. Matt guided me through from start to finish and even checked in months after. I am truly grateful to Matt for helping me obtain my dream job.

Elijah Jones - Estimator, RWC

Matt reached out to me about an opportunity that he thought I may be interested in. It was refreshing to speak with Matt about the role/company, and know that he’d done his homework and was able to answer a lot of the questions I had in the first interaction we had together. I felt that it helped speed up the process, and I got the job! It was a pleasure working with him, and overall a good experience. Thanks Matt!
Zac Post - Product Manager, SOCi